Sunday, July 15, 2012

Milk Glass Centerpiece

Remember the milk glass vases from my last thrift store find? I have been putting them to good use as a collection holding individual flowers, creating a pretty centerpiece. You don't need a huge bouquet to make a beautiful arrangement. 

I cut roses from my garden that were in full bloom, one per vase, and grouped them on a large silver tray.

I love the contrast of bright coral/pink petals against white.

After the roses faded, I bought a mixed bouquet for $4 and split it up among the vases. 

I even had enough to fill another new favorite milk glass piece, this adorable round pitcher. A gift from Christy (she knows me so well). 

I loved looking at them on my kitchen table every day. You can find these style vases at thrift stores and garage sales, sometimes for .50 cents to $1 or $2. They make striking accent or centerpieces.

I found a TON of inspiration online. Just search for "milk glass vases" on Pinterest. Each one more gorgeous than the next.  

I think I'll keep trying to incorporate new flowers and different arrangements with my milk glass collection. So pretty! 

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