Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flutter Flower Shirt

I finally finished my flutter flower shirt, and I'm really happy with it. This was the first project I ever pinned on Pinterest, almost two years ago! I was quite inspired at the time, and got the materials right away, ready to go to work. And then, as some of my projects do, it sat in the closet for about a year. Until I brought it to craft night around Christmas time, and decided to give it a go. I cut out all the flowers (about 26 of them!) but didn't feel like sewing them on by the time I was done. Then I brought it to craft night again in the new year and worked on it some more. Then I didn't like where I placed the flowers. I almost gave up on it. But my motivation to have a new article of clothing was strong, so I finally finished it at our most recent craft night, adding the last few flowers. Hooray! 

 This was my inspiration. A full step by step tutorial can be found here. Isn't it cute? 

All you need are two of the same shirt. One in your size (medium, in my case) and one much larger for cutting out flowers (XXL). The best part is these actually didn't cost me a penny, because they were on sale for $5 each at Old Navy and I had two $5 reward coupons. Score! 

I followed the tutorial and cut 1.5 inch strips out of the XXL shirt. 

Then cut and assembled the flower petal shapes with matching thread. 

And two years later (ha ha), I have a new embellished shirt! I do like how it turned out in the end. Ruffles and embellished clothing are everywhere you look. It's not that difficult to make one yourself - you can actually accomplish this in one sitting, I promise. If you don't start and stop and start and stop like me.
Glad I didn't give up on this one!

Yes, I took this photo of myself while riding (not driving) in the car. 

And yes, I always wear my seat belt. 

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