Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer in a Plastic Cup

It's almost two years ago to the day that we were in sunny Florida, with our friends Ben and Christy. Soaking up the sun. Lounging by the pool. Chillaxin' and living the easy life. Man, I need a vacation! 

It was there that Christy introduced me to my favorite iced drink at Starbucks (thank you Christy!) I still have to mentally prepare, every time I order it. Pay close attention, here it is:

Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade (Sweetened, Light Ice)
(I think I got it right)

It's not specifically on the menu, but the barrista's  always know what it is. I ask for light ice or else they fill the whole cup with ice and you barely get any of the good stuff. I would also recommend ordering at least a grande if not a venti. If you like sweet and tart refreshment, you'll love it. This drink makes me feel like summer, even when it's not. Like today. Snow. In April. I drank one anyway. It made me feel better.  

I know it's made with Tazo Passion tea, but I don't know what brand of lemonade they use. Or how much sweetener they put in. I've attempted to make it myself at home and it always yields disappointing results. Starbucks knows what their doing. That's why they can charge as much as they do. I'm going to need to consult my Starbucks employee friends for the recipe. 

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