Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Yard Cleaning 2011

Our yard took a bit of a beating this winter. There was a lot of snow and strong winds that sent tree branches every which way. And the leaves. Who can forget the leaves?

You may remember the sea of leaves we spent hours raking last fall. Try as we may, we just couldn't get to every single leaf pile before it snowed (can you blame us??). Thus, some were buried all winter long. Until spring came, the snow melted, and there they were again. Surprise. 

We spent some time raking and cleaning out brush in an effort to save our lawn. As soon as  the weather was nice I was ready to get outside, breathe some fresh air and try to make our yard a little more sightly. 

When I laid eyes on this disaster, I had to do something about it. We inherited this rotting wood pile next to our (sad) shed, from the previous owners. It's been on my to-do list for a while. Old boards from when the deck was built, decaying firewood, tiki torches (not from any party we had), a ladder, branches. It looked like a dump! 

Dump no more! In a couple of hours, I hauled everything out of there and raked it clean! It looks soooo much better. 

The next day, I tackled the other side of the fence, where the rotting wood dump continued. That side was even worse because there were vines entangled in everything and stuff had been sitting there longer. Ugh. 

Presto change-o! It feels so good to have that mess out of there! It was a lot of work, I'm not gonna lie. I still have to clean out the area behind the shed, but that's for another day. There is no shortage of work to be done when it comes to our big back yard. But we're making progress! 

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  1. For sure it was a lot of work and time, but in the end the result is satisfying, isn't it ? :]


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