Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fabric Rosette Headband

I made my first rolled fabric rosette headband after I seeing Nat's beautiful headbands over at Natsprat

Photo from
Look at this beauty. I just love the colors, the jeweled center, the feminine elegance (not to mention some beautifully creative photography). I had to try to make one of my own! I followed her tutorial exactly. It was pretty easy once I got the hang of it. 

Except that my rosettes are a little big. Ok, they're a little huge. It kinda looks like a hat. But I like it. I definitely want to try again. There are only two things stopping me:
1. Finding the right headbands
2. I ran out of hot glue sticks

Anyone else find it as difficult to take a serious photo of yourself. Or take a photo of yourself at all for that matter? How do people make it look so natural and model their own creations? I need some help here. Is "unsure smirk" one of the poses they teach at modeling school?

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