Monday, April 11, 2011

15 Seconds of Fame

The Nate Berkus Show aired the "Second Chances" episode today, which was the first taping we attended while in NYC! That's me on the left, in the white/berry top, trying my best to look "natural" and not smile like a total dork, which is next to impossible when a celebrity is standing two feet away!

Christy is sitting to my right, but got cut out of the shot. Rats! Watching the show today was a bit like where's Waldo. It was definitely strange to see myself on TV. I should have smiled more! Here's my 15 seconds of fame, mostly at the end of the clip. 


Earlier in the show, Nate helped a family finish completing their home after experiencing devastating loss from Hurricane Katrina. There were also guests who shared incredible Facebook reunions. It was cool to see the finished show after witnessing it in person on the set. 

I'm famous!

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