Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Logo Concepts for Baby Fresh Farms

I have been doing some design work for a new local company, Baby Fresh Farms. A friend from college and his business partner contacted me about designing packaging labels, and possibly a logo, for their locally grown frozen baby food. I was thrilled at the opportunity. Although I didn't end up designing their logo, I put together a couple of concepts. The tag line was a requested component. I think they're pretty cool (in my semi-biased opinion).
The product is natural, locally grown and basically single ingredient. My rationale for the above concept was to combine clean type with fruit and vegetable icons, based on fruit and vegetable colors. Bright and fresh, yet a little playful, using block shapes, reminiscent of children's toys. Reminds me of flash cards or a memory matching game.

This concept has a bit more personality. I kept picturing little baby forks and spoons and the cute chubby hands that learn to hold them. The colors are still ingredient based - orange carrots, green beans, purple beets. The font is looser and more organic feeling. I  really like the association with meal time that the spoon and fork create. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished labels. The logo they selected is pretty adorable, I must admit. Stay tuned.

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  1. Those are great logos! I'm taking some graphic design classes right now and loving them.


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