Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coffee & Tea Gift Box

I put together a coffee and tea gift box for a very special couple who are getting married soon. 

Christina and Ryan are good friends of ours, and today was Christina's bridal shower (Ryan showed up to help open gifts). Are they a good looking couple or what? They are both so sweet and fun. I'm so happy for them and can't wait for their wedding (which my husband will be participating as a groomsman). 

Their registry listed a coffee grinder, which got the wheels in my head turning. What about putting together a coffee and tea themed gift? I found two white monogrammed mugs with the letter "P" for their (future) last name. 

Then I saw this cool photo/craft storage box with words and quotes about love and life. Ryan and Christina are both into art, photography and design. This would make the perfect base for the gift box, and they would be able to use it later.

A bag of Starbucks coffee beans (to use with their new grinder) and a box if assorted teas. 

I placed everything inside the box to see how it would fit. Tall items in the back and the mugs in the front.

Then I layered balled up tissue paper underneath and around to help everything sit nice and high inside the box.

I typed up a little tag with their names to insert in the box label area.

Once everything was arranged inside the box, I wrapped the whole thing with a sheet of clear cellophane and taped it in place. I had just enough cellophane left  - it was close! Then I added a red ribbon tied in a bow and slipped a card underneath.

The happy couple liked it! This would make a great birthday or housewarming gift. You could customize it with the recipients favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Add some biscotti or cookies. I just love personalized gifts!


Thank you!