Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello, March!

Welcome March 1st! You are one of my favorite months because you bring spring and you bring my birthday, sometimes on the same day. It felt a little like spring today. The sun was shining and melted some of the snow. I didn't even have to button my coat at lunchtime.

I took a fast trip to The Christmas Tree Shop. Boy, was that a mistake. The place is loaded with spring and summer merchandise. White wicker patio furniture, bright colored garden tools, picnic plates and adorable planters and ceramic pots. Like this turquoise beauty with sweet little birds and scalloped edge. I just had to take it home, for $5.99, and I knew exactly what I needed it for. See how I said "needed it" not "wanted it." This was a practical purchase. The birds sold me though. It was a win, win.

I let my only thriving house plant stay in this tiny basket for far too long. It was a house warming gift from a dear friend. I could not let the roots suffer any longer. 

In you go, into your new home. I love how the bright turquoise adds a splash of color to my red kitchen. I feel much better now that my plant has room to grow. It felt good digging in some potting soil, even if it was in my kitchen. Spring is near...soon I'll be gardening outdoors. 

We also have this little fella starting to sprout. Can you guess what it is? A cactus. I bought a little egg dome cactus seed kit for my husband, after denying him the much larger cacti ecosystem he saw at the store. He planted all the seeds, but it looks like only one is taking. Come on little fella, you can do it! Keep growing! It is a bit of a wonder that a cactus could even grow in Rochester, in the dead of winter, on our drafty windowsill. 

Dear spring, please come quickly. I'm looking forward to green grass, daffodils and budding trees.

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