Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rose Barrettes

Look at this cutie! Isn't she a doll? My cousin sent me photos of her little girl, Lucy, at 6 months. This photo makes me smile. Besides being the sweetest little thing, Lucy is wearing one of the rose barrettes I made! Perfect for all that hair. 

Last year, at our ladies craft night, we made felt rose barrettes. I have been making them here and there and giving them as gifts.
It would have helped if I took them out of the bags before I photographed them. Here I am modeling a purple one. Not a fan of profile photos of me.

I found the complete tutorial at The Purl Bee. Her photographs give you a much better view.

Photo courtesy of The Purl Bee

Aren't they cute? Perfect for Valentines day. All you need is some felt, embroidery thread and a needle, snap clips (metal triangular barrettes), scissors and the pattern you can download from the tutorial page. Adorable.

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