Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day Date 2011

My Sweetie and I spent a wonderful valentines day together. It was his idea to take the day off. Since it fell on a Monday, that would give us a 3 day weekend. You don't have to tell me twice! Not waking up at 6:30am for work was a gift in itself. 

We started our valentines day date by heading to Starbucks. We ordered two caramel macchiato's and actually sat down and enjoyed them while chatting. Something we hardly ever do. It was really nice. There were a few other people hanging out at Starbucks. It was kind of intriguing to see what other people are up to on a Monday, during the day, while we're normally at work. Lucky ducks. 

Next, we headed to the place where we had our first real date. The place that started it all. The bowling alley. Yup. The Ohl's love to bowl. Didn't see that one coming did ya? It's been quite a while. Our bowling balls and shoes were sitting neglected in the closet for months. Not only does our last name rhyme with bowl, we have our own equipment. Soon after we got married, my darling husband took me to pick out my first pair of bowling shoes and a ball, engraved with my name. Commence laughter. And jealousy. 

The lanes were practically desolate. If you want to beat the crowds, bowling on a Monday afternoon, around 2:30pm, on Valentines Day, is where it's at. 

Andrew is the skilled bowler in the relationship. That's why I fell in love with him. He puts a mean spin on the ball and gets a lot of strikes. And spares. My man. 

Apparently I have a much stranger release than I thought. Looks like I'm winding up for a triple toe loop. Wrong sport. What is my left hand doing? I am embarrassed to admit that my arms and the muscles in my sides were sore the next day. What a wimp! Guess I need to do some serious stretching next time.

Our bowling scores may have shown that we were a little rusty, but we had a great time!  

That evening, we traded our bowling shoes for some fancier threads to go out to dinner. Andrew wore his pink tie especially for me. I am wearing a headband with feathers on it in case you're wondering what's on my head. 

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We dined at Black & Blue, a fantastic steak and crab restaurant. We were seated upstairs, which for some reason is more fun, we both agreed. Every time I've been there the food is excellent. I had the sea scallops over vegetable risoto. Amazing. It's my favorite. Andrew had the lobster with mac and cheese on the side. This was no ordinary mac and cheese. The stuff melts in your mouth with panko breadcrumbs on top. 

They gave us chocolate truffles with the check and a little bundle of chocolate hearts for me. Because I'm a lady and it was Valentine's Day. Isn't that sweet? 

Doesn't that sound like the perfect day? It really was. As if spending the day together, sipping coffee, bowling and enjoying an amazing meal together wasn't special enough, my husband got me a gift. A really wonderful incredibly thoughtful gift that I am SO excited about. You have no idea. He gave me a gift card to the Del Monte Spa. I wanted to pinch myself! I've only set foot in the lobby once and it was beautiful. Anyone who's ever been there says it's the best. I plan on scheduling a massage in the near future. For my birthday perhaps...I love being pampered and getting a massage is such a treat. I can almost feel it. My back and shoulders are shouting with glee! My husband is too good to me.

So that's how I spent Valentine's Day 2011. With my very best friend, the love of my life, who won my heart at a bowling alley 7 years ago on our first date. We were engaged 6 years ago, on February 12, just a couple days before Valentine's Day. Now I have a valentine for life! It is a wonderful feeling. Being married to the one you love, who loves you back. And you never have to wonder if you'll have a date on February 14th again.

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  1. Sounds like a fun valentines day! Ask Christy about being seated upstairs at Black and Blue. I bet she will disagree quite heartily that sitting up there is best ;P And the DelMonte is AMAZING! Go 1/2hr to an hr before your appointment and use the shower with 6 shower heads. It's the best :)
    -Kimi L.


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