Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tween Room Makeover Bargain Finds

As soon as I got the green light from my sister, I started looking for items to include in my nieces bedroom makeover. My mission: to find great accessories and furniture for the lowest possible price, that coordinated with the comforter pictured above (and the existing carpet, but that's a whole other story). Did I mention we are working with a budget? The goal is to spend as little as possible. I rise to the challenge of searching for bargains and getting a deal!

The Roxy brand comforter set (pictured above) is where we started. I like to select a main piece to build a room around. If something is multicolored or has a printed design, the other elements in the room should be less-busy and compliment the main piece with similar, like or neutral colors. But not be "matchy-matchy." Our favorite phrase. Lisa purchased the bed set on-line from, and I believe she saved $40. It was the biggest investment for the room, but it's the main piece and will (hopefully) last Emma into her teens. Emma wanted green and pink in her room, and these polka dots fit the bill for being colorful, yet not too foo-foo-girly.

Now for some accessories. I found this adorable brown pillow with a big pink bow at Kirkland's Home, on clearance for $3.18. That's right. 

Also at Kirkland's Home, this stylish vanilla scented initial candle, in pink and green, for $3.99. 

A green picture frame from Marshall's, on clearance for $3. 

A hot pink trash can from Marshall's, on clearance for $4.  

A cool piece of initial wall art for $6.

A pair of wall canvases, on clearance for $8. This isn't a great photo, and they're still all wrapped up until we decide if we're keeping them, but aren't they cute? My niece likes dogs, and the pink and brown would tie in nicely. Gotta love Marshall's.

I found these cute little metal containers in three sizes at Goodwill. They had tons of them and they were brand new. I love the scalloped edge. They were marked $1, but when I cashed out, they ended up being 50 cents!

The only problem: they were yellow. So I spray painted them white. Presto change-o! 

I can picture these cans being filled with pens, pencils and markers, sitting on Emma's future desk. Perfect for organizing art supplies! 

Are you ready for the best bargain of them all? My sister found this 9 drawer white dresser, on Craigslist, located just 10 minutes away, for...drum roll please...TWENTY DOLLARS. I couldn't believe it. We had both been stalking Craigslist looking for a dresser like this. She gets mad props for this one. Do people still say "mad props"? I am old. I get mad props for agreeing to go pick it up with her. At night. In the rain. Then shortly after, the Lifetime movie "The Craigslist Killer" came out. Made us think twice about our night time furniture pick-up adventure. We were FINE. I know God wanted us to have that lovely $20 dresser, so He kept us safe. I have bought and sold many-an-item on Craigslist, so I don't have any complaints. 

We also scored a tall narrow white bookcase off Craigslist for another $20 buckaroos and a white wicker trunk for $25. Sorry, no photos of either. You'll just have to wait for the big reveal. 

I put together a basic floor plan so my sister could see the furniture arrangement I had in mind. We actually did a test run and moved things around to see if it would even work. Here is the plan:

There is still a bit of work to do:
• Paint existing desk from the basement white OR find and purchase a white desk 
• Paint bedroom walls 
• Purchase storage baskets and bins

I can't say when exactly the room will be done, because we're doing a little as we go. And it depends on when they can paint. I'll keep you posted. I think the fun part is looking for accessories and envisioning it all coming together. I'm as anxious as you are to see the end result!

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  1. Looks like you found some great deals!! Can't wait to see the finished room! My husband and I picked up some furniture after dark last night that I found on Craigslist. On the way there I was telling my friend that I hope we live to see daylight again! We did!


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