Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." This is admittedly one of the cheesiest images I have ever photoshopped together, but I had to do it. I can't say "a few of my favorite things" without thinking of the Sound of Music. Who doesn't? "Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."

That is a vivid rose with raindrops, that grew in our backyard. It's probably Pantone 485. And that's cute little Lacey and deer-in-the-headlights Chancho, as kittens. Why do they have to turn into full grown cats? They're so cute when they're little. They are still my favorite felines. Which brings me back to the topic at hand. 

I have a few favorite things in my life at the moment. My husband spoiled me for Christmas and gave me some amazing gifts. I also found some some cool stuff when I was shopping. In case you're interested in the goodies I'm diggin' right now, here are a few of my faves. This feels like show and tell.
"Pretty" perfume by Elizabeth Arden. This was on my Christmas wish list and Andrew got it for me. I love perfume. But I'm very selective. This one is feminine, a light floral and fruity combination. Delicate and pretty. True to it's name.

The perfume came with not ONE but TWO free gifts! A super soft pink ruffly robe....

and this bright red stylish travel bag. If it was smaller, I would use it for a purse. So cute!

I was very surprised, shocked really, that my husband got me an ipod nano touch! A pink one at that (my favorite color), which he had to special order AND had engraved. I couldn't believe it.

I talked about maybe getting one in the future but he tracked it down for me for Christmas. Is he sweet or what? With 16 GB, it holds songs, photos and you can listen to the radio. I am amazed by how incredibly small and light it is. I'm glad it has a clip or else I'm pretty sure I would have lost it by now.

As if that weren't enough (I told you he completely spoiled me), he also got us this fabulous machine:

HP Photosmart Premium Wireless Print/Fax/Scan/Copy/Card Reader. The only thing it doesn't do is cook your food. The photo printing quality is fantastic. I love having a scanner, copier and digital card reader. I was in disbelief when I opened it. We researched some printers and decided to keep an eye on the sales. I'm so thankful that he made the final decision and picked one out that would be best for us. What a blessing! Thank you Andrew. You outdid yourself. You must really like me.

Andrew's Mom gave me a special piece of milk glass, that belonged to her Mom, whom I wish I could have met. It has a grape leaf design. I cherish this little ruffled bowl.

These soft and comfy slippers are the best. I have not jumped on the Ugg bandwagon and I don't plan to. Ever. These are Luv American brand and I found them at Vanity Fair in Pennsylvania. I almost didn't buy them, but I'm glad I did. My feet thank me. They have a durable sole. The button is what really sold me.

Shiny black rubber rain boots, also from Vanity Fair, by Capelli New York. Maybe you think these things are ridiculous. They are a little ridiculous. But they're also fabulous. They can trudge through rain, sleet and snow. Perfect for upstate New York. And they have a pink lining. You can find similar boots here.
Speaking of pink, I found a pink silicone case for my Verizon Ally Phone. We bought cheap-o snap on phone covers from one of those kiosk's at the mall. They lasted about three weeks, then wouldn't stay on. This one is great because it's made of grippy material and stays put. And it's hot pink.

I went on a field trip to Trader Joe's with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law when we were in Pennsylvania. I was like a kid in a candy store. Each time I have the chance, I like checking out their products and packaging. I really like this citrus facial cleanser, free of parabens, petroleum and no animal byproducts. The packaging and design is really nice. Packaging sells, I tell ya. 

 Photo courtesy of Eat Drink and Beware
I am now addicted to Trader Joe's Lite Kettle Corn. These handy portion control bags have just the right combination of salty and sweet. I think I may need to put in an order to my parents and in-laws to keep me supplied.

Ed-a-ma-me. Have you had edamame? I can't get enough of these bright green soy beans. I get them every time we go to our favorite Japanese restaurant and I keep them in the freezer to make at home. When they are still in the shell (you don't eat the shell) it's called edamame. When they are shelled, it's called mukimame. Mu-ki-ma-me. They are SO good. A perfect appetizer or snack. Sprinkle a little salt on them. Yum. Anyone else obsessed with edamame?

There you have it. These are a few of my fav-or-ite things. How about you? Do you have any cool stuff that's at the top of your list right now? Thanks for letting me share some of my favorites and brag on my husband. I'm so thankful for Andrew and that I get to share my life with him. He's so good to me. Even when I'm a brat. Now that's love.

I am one lucky (blessed) girl. 

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  1. we just had edamame the other day for dinner! i feel in love with them in college when i used to nanny in the hamptons! the life of the rich and famous! lol. the family i nannied for was into this japanese restaurant in town and they ordered once a week. teriyaki food galore and these fabulous edamame. yum, yum.


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