Monday, March 1, 2010

Bathroom Mood Board & Inspiration

It's officially March. We are entering month six of operation bathroom makeover. We are really dragging our feet here. These are the pictures and inspiration in my mind when I imagine our new bathroom. I must admit, I am starting to loose heart. The vision that started back in September is starting to feel like it will remain a picture in my mind. In an effort to save a few bucks, we are trying to remodel as much as possible ourselves. But "as much as possible" is easier said than done. I'll admit, we're a little in over our heads. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, but there are a few setbacks at the moment. Mostly, it's a lack of time, experience and actually putting the work in. We must press on!

For now, I have complied this lovely mood board, with elements that I hope to incorporate into our new space. I have borrowed images from a variety of places. Although it's not a bad idea, we will not have a wine tower in the bathroom (I doubt Andrew would object though). This piece will store towels and other amenities. I love the blue-gray wall color, and window treatment, found on one of my favorite blogs. I bargained a great black framed mirror at Kirkland's. I have been much inspired by bath fixtures and towels at Pottery Barn. I want the room to feel crisp, clean, relaxing and functional, even though it is small. The updates will be a huge improvement over the old bathroom.

For now, I keep imagining the end result. I need to find (or make) a shower curtain, decide on a window shade, and purchase shower tile. Everything else is pretty much ready to be installed. There is plenty of work to do! I can't help but think, if Extreme Makeover Home Edition can build an entire house from the ground up in just seven days...

Of course, they have hundreds, if not thousands of people dedicated 24/7 to making it happen. Maybe we could borrow just their bathroom crew?


  1. sarah,

    sounds awesome! I love pottery barn's bathrooms as well, and quite a few of my accessories (glass jars, towels) are from pottery barn as well. let me know if you need anything--since Glen and I aren't homeowners yet, sometimes we get anxious to just rip something apart and/or put it together :)


  2. I love your mood board! What a great idea to capture your vision for the room. I can't wait to see it all come together. You should go into business interior decorating...I would hire you! :)

    - Christy


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