Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Weekend Bonanza in Photos

Last weekend was my 28th birthday. And a wonderful birthday weekend bonanza it was! My husband added the "bonanza" part, because "bonanza" makes anything sound so exciting! I spent my birthday eve with some of the girls, having an in-home spa night, including professional chair massage, manicure, facial and of course food. I have one word: amazing. 

When I got home, I was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers! They're still going strong, and I love how they look on my table. Do I have a sweet husband or what? It get's better.

On Saturday (the real b-day), Andrew took me to my favorite place for breakfast, Simply Crepes. But the surprise was that he took me to the one in Canandaigua, near the lake. This location is just as charmingly decorated in french-country style as one closest to us, but is more spacious and less crowded on a Saturday.

I just love the chandeliers, blue glassware and simple elegance.

This was my handsome view across the table. Nothing like that first cup (well in this case, second cup) of coffee.

I was enjoying a fabulous Mimosa! I think I may start every day with one of these...

The crepes were delicious. We decided that we both had to order something we had never tried before. I ordered a grilled veggie crepe with pesto and red pepper sauce (yum), and my husband ordered the buffalo chicken crepe. Classic.

After breakfast, we walked along the street of shops.

Andrew had already checked out the area and was planning to take me to this gallery of local artists. I told you he was good. I really enjoyed looking at the paintings and photography. It made me want to get out the blank canvas sitting in our basement, and dip a brush into some paint.

We admired the lake for a bit and took some photos of the beautiful scenery.

The sun was so bright that the water looked like shimmering diamonds.

Look how cute he is with his cool shades. Look how white those sneakers are! I guess it pays to only wear them when there is no chance of rain.

After that, we did a little shopping. This is my kind of day! I picked out some of my favorites from Bath & Body Works and got a shirt from TJ Max. We walked around the mall for a bit and he even carried my bags! Am I a lucky wife or what?

We drove back home and headed to Bazil for dinner. The shrimp scampi was soooooo good.

Then we went around the corner to Phillips European to take home one of their infamous desserts! Notice the illuminated "PASTRIES" sign in the window. That says it all.

A heavenly slice of chocolate mousse torte.

And yes, I ate it on my favorite birthday plate. You can't see it, but that's a cat wearing a birthday hat with a cupcake and a candle. It's tradition! My dear friends Tom and Diane gave me this plate many years ago, and it's always been special to me.

On Sunday, my family came over for cake and ice cream. I don't have just ONE day of birthday, my goal is to stretch it out and celebrate as long as possible! Hence, the birthday weekend bonanza! It's more fun that way.

Andrew baked, frosted and decorated this cake himself. I was so impressed! I was remarking on how smooth and even the frosting looked. He attributed it to being so experienced at spackling. Makes perfect sense.

Here it is, the big finale. Blowing out the candles.

Much love goes out to each of my friends and family that made this birthday so special. You are loved! And you made me feel so loved! XOXO

This is the last birthday that I will be advertising my age, so you'll have to do the math from now on.


  1. We LOVE simply crepes! We went there for our anniversary. Great choice. Sounds like an awesome birthday! Love you!

  2. So many comments...
    - Love the picture of you and hubby! So cute :)
    - Is that CHOCOLATE CAKE that he made you? Yummy! Gotta love chocolate cake!
    - So glad that you were spoiled on your birthday weekend. You are loved by many, Miss Sarah!

    Love you! Christy

  3. wow i love all the pictures! how cute!!!

    i went to simply crepes with my mom for my birthday in february and it was such a fabulous and elegant touch to the day! i'm so glad you did it too :)



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