Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ladies Dinner and Craft Night

Recently, I had the privilege of spending a Friday evening with some amazing women in my life. It seemed like the day would never come, because as with most busy working women, it takes some deliberate planning to get us all together! It was definitely worth the planning and anticipation.

5 ladies + good food + crafting = ridiculous fun.

We'll start with the food. Fettuccini with Prosciutto & Peas (Click here for recipe). Delicious and easy to make.


Accompanied by warm cheesy rolls and garlic bread. Yum! And BA's amazing Spinach, Feta and Strawberry salad, with strawberry dressing. SO good! This is by far my new favorite salad. Of course, a meal would not be complete without refreshing beverages, and that, there were.

After sharing a delicious meal, along with great (and hilarious) conversation, it was time to get our craft on. The craft of the evening was Rose Barrettes, tutorial found here at The Purl Bee. How cute are these? Perfect for your daughter, niece, little girl you baby-sit, or yourself!

We set to work with piles of felt, scissors, and thread in hand.

I acted as the instructor with step-by-step directions. Look how diligently we are all working! You can hear the creative juices flowing.


Let's give it up for MD who learned to sew for the first time! 

These roses were a little tricky, but we all got the hang of it and loved how they turned out!


Now for the end results and fashion show...


I love how M is perfectly posed for the camera! We are sure to start a new fashion trend with these beautiful hair accessories!

After all that crafting, it was time for dessert. You didn't think a group of girls would get together and forget dessert, did you? No way Jose! Time for ice cream sundaes with all the trimmings! That's right. We don't mess around when it comes to ice cream. Waffle cones. Fudge. Bananas. M&M's. Whipped cream. And of course cherries. (We're still trying to figure out how the cherries get like that, when they're all bottled up, but that's another story)


There's M again, always ready with a smile! Who wouldn't be smiling with this dessert in your future? 

The evening was so much more than just fabulous food and craft time. These ladies have incredible hearts. You would love them as much as I do. I am so blessed by each one of them. I hope there will be more times like these in the future. Thank you ladies for being who you are. God's love shines brightly through each of you, and I'm so glad He made us friends!


  1. Good for the soul to have a ladies night once in a while.

  2. loved this night sarah ohl! and everyone at work calls me MD, so it's very fitting for the blog as well :)


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