Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hit the Deck

I want to start this post by saying how thankful I am to have a husband who knows how to skillfully wield a paint brush. He learned from the best - my father-in-law, Denny, owns his own painting company. Andrew did an amazing job staining our decks!

In an effort to continue "beautifying" our home's exterior, we decided it was time to stain both the front and back decks. A task no one wants to do. I can hear the groans of those reading this just thinking about it. Andrew tackled the smaller front deck on his own, to see how it would go.

He power-washed it in the fall, but we didn't actually start staining until Memorial Day weekend. We needed a stretch of weather without rain (and the motivation of summer) to do it. To prep the wood, he gave it a light sanding and swept it really well. 

As you can see, it was in rough shape. It looked so weathered and discolored. 

He used a large paint brush and a small roller to apply the stain.

We used Home Depot's Behr Solid Color Waterproofing Wood Stain, color "Russet." It worked beautifully, and Denny recommended it, so we knew it would be good.

The result was dramatic - what a difference! 

I love the new rich uniform color and the contrast of the sienna/brown against our tan siding.

It looks so warm and welcoming. I actually like to sit on that bench from time to time and take a little time out. 

Now that the front deck was a success, the BIG deck is's only about 8 times the size of the front deck! 

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