Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers

Have you ever wished that you could design something on your computer and print it directly onto fabric AND have the ability to iron it on to something? Am I the only one? If you've ever wished that too, I found a solution. June Tailor Quick Fuse Inkjet Fabric Sheets, available at Joann Fabrics. I knew a product like this existed, I just needed to find it and try it. 

When I recently sold my first clutch handbag on Etsy (yay!) I wanted to add a tag with my name/logo before I sent it out the door. 

Enter 8 1/2 x 11 inch 100% cotton white fabric printable sheets with fusible iron-on backing. Just what I needed! 3 sheets for $9.99, but you know I always have a 50% off coupon.

I made a template with my name/logo in black ink and repeated it as many times as I could with a thin bounding box for trimming. I printed one sheet and it worked perfectly! 

After testing a label on a scrap of fabric, I was ready to iron one to inside of a clutch. It took about 20-30 seconds to adhere, and it was on there good. So professional! 

Now, each time I make a clutch, tote, bib or other fabric accessory, I can add my own personalized label, so the recipient knows who made it. 

A small detail that polishes the design and really completes my handiwork. 

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