Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing Starter Kit

Emma, my 11 year old niece, has taken an interest in sewing (following in her Mom and Aunt Sarah's footsteps). Lisa got her a sewing basket and some tools for Christmas. I wanted to add to her supply, so I made her a little sewing starter kit. 

I was inspired by this adorable little kit from Frugalicious Me, via none other than Pinterest.
And this simple kit from Martha

All you need is a canning jar and sewing materials that fit inside. 

Did you know they sell sewing kits like these at the Dollar Tree? It comes with mini scissors, measuring tape, box of pins, a whole set of sewing needles and 5 tiny spools of thread. For $1! 

For the pin cushion top, cut two circles of fabric, a little larger than the lid. Sew them together, stuff with a bit of cotton, and sew it closed. You can either set it on top of the lid and screw it closed, or glue it to the base with a piece of cardboard to keep it attached for good. 

I made a mini jar and cushion for myself. It's so cute! 

Just fill the jar with the supplies. I added a couple zippers and a pack of velcro. You can tie a ribbon around the top or add a tag. 

I sorted through my fabric collection and compiled a nice stack of various fabrics for Emma to use and experiment sewing with. Some small scraps and some large pieces that were never used. She loved it! I could see creative ideas starting to form in her mind. 

I remember when I was Emma's age and my Mom and I used to visit my great Aunt Virgina, who was a seamstress. She had rooms filled with fabric, and stuffing, and buttons, and projects. Literally rooms full. You had to clear a path to walk through her house. I absolutely loved looking at all that stuff. Sometimes she let me take home a box of fabric scraps and it was like a box of gold. I would make bean bags, doll pillows and coin purses. It was so much fun. I hope Emma finds the same type of creative enjoyment out of sewing that I did - and still do!

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  1. What a lovely gift! I am also new to sewing so this looks like something I could use too!
    Thanks for sharing - now following you! :)
    Cath @


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