Monday, November 22, 2010

Ohl Thanksgiving, 2010

27 people, 14 pounds of turkey, 10 hours of driving, 8 pounds of mashed potatoes, countless cups of coffee, one golf cart, lots of eggs and bacon, a shopping trip, one four-wheeler, and one weekend. Phew! We usually try to pack as much fun and family time into our trips to Pennsylvania as we can, and this weekend was no exception. I did take some photos, but not as many as I would have liked. I didn't feel like getting in everyone's face while they were eating turkey dinner, but we got some good ones.

We (as in everyone pictured above) stayed at my gracious in-laws house, where my husband grew up. See that hill (more like a ledge) leading down to the front of the house? My husband took me on the four-wheeler his Dad got, and actually went up this hill. At full speed. I was sure we were going to flip off the back. But we didn't. Much to my amazement. My husband, the daredevil.

Saturday was sunny and mild, minus the strong winds. Sydney asked if I would "chalk" with her outside. I used to LOVE drawing with chalk. Still do. We made a welcome sign together and drew portraits. Stick figures, from left to right: Sydney, Gigi (Marilyn), Poppie (Denny), Andrew, Sarah (Me), Alex, David, Laura, Morgan and Aaron. We wish Aaron could have been there, but he was with us via chalk drawing.


The artist admiring her work. 

We all headed to Nana and Pop-Pop's house for the Thanksgiving meal. It was my first time in the drivers seat going over the river and through the woods, winding around twisting roads and up and down hills. What a ride!

Can you believe they built this house themselves? I love all the signs they have with their names on them. When you have a name as little as OHL, it's easy to work with.

We feasted and caught up with one another.

Now, I have to mention, yes, that is a fox skin on the wall in the background. The Ohl's love to hunt. I would be remiss if I didn't also show you what's on the other wall. These guys. A bit startling, I know. But they won't bite or peck you. Anymore.

No hayride this year, but Uncle Don brought his golf cart instead. Next best thing, right?

Morgan and her beautiful green eyes.

Great-Grandma (Mammy) and her Great-Granddaughter, Jessica. Mammy is actually a Great-Great-Grandma. Which is simply amazing to me. Five generations.

I made sure we got some group photos before we left on Sunday. Here some outtakes and our attempt to use leaves as props. These just make me laugh! Why on earth did I throw my arms so high in the air? I love the laughter and smiles.

I was determined to get Sydney to smile...

 And Alex was trying to get Morgan to smile...

Three generations of beautiful ladies.

My adorable husband, sporting his glasses. (Mom and Dad, I'm wearing the earrings you sent me. I love them!)

David and Alex. So cute.  

And last but not least, Casey and Morgan having a barking contest. I'm not sure who won.

Did I mention that I drove there and back? 5 HOURS each way? First time ever. It wasn't as bad as I thought. It helps when you have a car full of people to keep you occupied. Andrew usually drives. I now have a much greater appreciation for the many times he has driven us. It's a different trip when you're the one behind the wheel. I was pretty proud of myself. But that doesn't mean that I'm volunteering to drive next time...

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