Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tower

This post may make my husband and I look like crazy cat people. We're really not. Honest. Yes, we have two cats. And we may get a little carried away talking about them from time to time. I'm certain that will change some day when we have kids. Moving on.

I had to show you the cat tower that Andrew built with leftover wood from the bathroom. Our darling little Chancho, pictured above, likes to claw some of our furniture. Lacey occasionally does too. Including new chairs. Not cool. Chancho is still a kitten. The idea of de-clawing our cats just didn't sit well with us. I know life would probably be easier without their claws, but we would rather train our pets to behave than put them through that misery.

As if it isn't enough that we took them in, feed them and give them the run of the house, they repay us by ruining our stuff. So, Andrew put his building skills to use, and constructed a carpet-covered piece of furniture just for them. Complete with dangling strings and enticing toys.

These things go for big bucks at the store. Look at this little one, a quarter of the size of ours, from Petsmart for $65.99. No way Jose!

Just wrap carpet remnants around some wooden posts ($14 at Home Depot) and boards, and screw it all together, like a double-sided table. Lacey and Chancho both like it. Here's to hoping they only sink their claws into this thing and stay away from our real furniture!

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  1. Nice. People should be choosy with the remnants, however. Certain carpet types are very easy for cats to get their claws stuck in. We went with a brown outdoor carpet from Home Depot. It was cheaper than the remnants from the carpet store at only 78 cents per square foot. We spent a total of twelve dollars including the carpet, scrap wood, and some cheap rope.


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