Thursday, May 27, 2010

Name That Flower

These beautiful perennial "bell" flowers have started blooming (and multiplying) in my garden. Aren't they unique? I love the speckled detail inside each flower. I can't remeber the name of them though. Anyone know what these are? We planted 3 of them, two summers ago, and they have been spreading ever since. I'm just glad they keep coming back. Leave a comment if you know their name...

Thanks to Jo's comment, I learned that these are Digitalis Purpurea, also known as Foxglove. Look at this great vintage drawing I found here while doing some further research. It's a good size image, maybe nice for a framed art piece. 


  1. The flowers are foxglove or Digitalis - yes like the heart med

  2. Thanks Jo! You solved my mystery. I just looked them up Now I wonder if I should be concerned about their toxicity - yikes! I think I'm safe, as long a I don't nibble on them for a snack - ha!


Thank you!