Saturday, May 1, 2010

Three Tulips, Two Cats

Three pretty pink tulips brightened my day. As you can see, they were the lucky ones that didn't fall prey to whatever animal ate the heads right off the ones next to them! Maybe tulips are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Here are my two favorite felines, who also brighten my day (when they're not getting into trouble).

They are finally getting along. Lacey, in the foreground, prefers to nap, undisturbed, in a sunny or quiet spot. She's usually scared of guests in our home, and hides. This has given her a terrible reputation for being unfriendly, especially to little ones with loud voices. But she's really such a good cat and loves to cuddle with us on a blanket or our laps.

Lacey was our only cat until we introduced Chancho almost one year ago. He is anything but shy. He lives for affection and wants it 24/7. A curious and friendly guy, who likes to cuddle and play, but has a short attention span. His fur is incredibly soft (and unfortunately long). He makes us laugh and we like having him around.

Even though Lacey hated him the moment she laid eyes on him, thankfully that has changed. I wouldn't say they're best friends yet, but at least they will sit relatively close to one another, which a year ago, didn't look like it would happen. I think deep down, Lacey is happy to have a friend and playmate. Even if he does take her favorite spot in the window and provokes her to wrestle.

"They are releasing their wiggles." - Nacho Libre

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