Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home Office Makeover Reveal

It's the moment I've been waiting for! I know some of you have been anxiously waiting to see my big office makeover reveal. I've been putting the finishing touches on my completely transformed space for the last couple of weeks and I absolutely LOVE it! The room is dramatically different. Every inch of it was updated, right down to the carpet. It really is a dream come true! I'm so happy with the way everything turned out and I have many DIY projects to share with you. First, I want to say a huge thank you to my home renovating partner in crime, my husband, Andrew. He's the muscle and brains behind my madness and I couldn't have done it without his help and support! 

Let's take a quick look at the BEFORE. There was old green carpet, dark teal walls, a variety of furniture throughout the years and a lack of storage and workspace. You can see more of the way it used to look here and here.

Without further ado, this is what it looks like NOW!

Sitting in the armchair with that pretty pillow and newly painted side table is my new favorite spot. I'm over the moon for the red chandelier. I made 3 different types of message boards - framed cork, burlap with nail head trim and a chalk board. We gave the room new paint. I reupholstered my old desk chair that I was about to kick to the curb. We built a 10 foot desk. We purchased and assembled 3 cabinets. I brought new life to items I already had around the house. I sewed, glued, spray painted, sanded, stained, shopped, styled and imagined my home office from start to finish. It was so worth it! 

I now have more storage than I know what to do with (we'll see how long that lasts). I feel inspired and organized. I have plenty of room to work, create and relax. Some days I just sit in there and look around. I am so blessed to have this space and the means to turn it into something functional and beautiful.

It was a really fun project! I have lots to share about how I did it and how I was able to use existing, found, thrifted and new items to create a cohesive room. Thank you for being patient while I dedicated my extra time to this project. I hope you enjoy looking around!


  1. Sohl this looks fantastic!! Love how it turned out! -Kimi

    1. Thank you Kimi! You'll have to come over and see it in person :)


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