Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Office Makeover

My office/craft room is currently undergoing a full makeover. I've been dreaming up a couple DIY projects and pinning inspiration. But, as per usual, it's been a little slow going. I definitely have the "vision" and pieces are starting to take shape.

We already painted the walls, which made a dramatic difference (as you can see above). No more teal! The new color is "revere pewter" a taupe/tan with a twinge of gray undertone. Here's a look at the old wall color. Just not my taste anymore.

Next on the list is replacing the carpet (which is quite old, worn and an odd color). I can't wait for that! 

I also hope to "build" a long desk with two cabinets for storage, inspired by this Young House Love DIY project. There will be enough space for my computer, printer, sewing machine and supplies, all in one work station  (instead of having 3 different desks/tables like I currently have).

There is work to be done, but I'm very excited about this office makeover. The chaos and lack of organization while I'm in "office limbo" is driving me a little crazy. I can't wait until everything has it's place and I can craft and design to my hearts content! I'll be tackling a few smaller office projects in the meantime, so stay tuned. 

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