Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter in Pennsylvania

Last weekend, we celebrated Easter with our family in Pennsylvania. It had been quite a while since we saw our extended family. On Saturday, everyone gathered at Nana's house for the annual feast. 

After the meal, as is Ohl tradition, the men went outside to shoot guns into the field, swing golf clubs, throw the football, ride vehicles and various other "outdoor" activities. 

While the women stayed inside, talking, enjoying dessert and cleaning up (not sure how that always works out that way). 

I got to meet Zack and Maura's little doll, Riley, who's 6 months old. She's got red hair like her Mom and beautiful big blue eyes. She barely made a peep the whole time. So. So. Cute. 

I love getting to see our cousins.

We went for a long walk, as is also tradition, around the neighboring farmland and roads. 

The landscape really is beautiful. Everything is starting to re-awaken from winter. The fields will soon be growing again. Makes me feel like I've been transported back in time to simpler days.

The sky was an amazing blue and the sun was shining just enough to not be too cold. 

Nana is doing well. She's always got stories to tell (some new, and some have been told many times). She is the only grandparent we have left, and I look forward to visiting with her. It's also amusing and fascinating to look around her house. 

Especially on the porch where we have dinner. You know, just your usual deer head, turkey, pheasant, fox, squirrel, rabbit and bee hive on display. She has quite the collection of "nature". The funny part is that we're all so used to seeing it! 

On Sunday, we went to church with Denny, Marilyn and David, followed by brunch at The Local (also known as the old caboose). Is caboose a funny word, or what? Is it just me? It is a delightful little place with a unique locally based menu. It was fantastic. 

Aren't my in-laws the cutest? They really are the best. It's always great spending time with them. 
It was also so good spending time with David, who took some time away from Philly to be with us. Wish we could do this more often (minus the 5 hour drive time).

Here we are, just a couple of honey bunnies. I hope you enjoyed your Easter. Remember, Jesus Christ is risen! He is the reason we celebrate.

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