Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Framed Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Don't you just love scrapbook paper? It's uses are virtually endless. I finally got around to completing a simple wall art project using scrapbook paper, white poster board, and 6 uniform frames. 

Here's what said wall used to look like. It was time to freshen things up a bit and that particular wall needed more color. (See what I did there? Time. The clock. You missed that, didn't you)

I was struck with inspiration when I saw this wall of fun frames on Pinterest. Source here.

But my mind loves symmetry, and I've always liked a neat, orderly grouping of 4 or 6.

I just so happened to have 6 of the same pop-in frames throughout the house that would be perfect. 

Using plain white poster board, I set to work cutting 6 mattes. Just like I did for my other wall of frames

I selected 6 beautiful pieces of scrapbook paper from the craft store, in colors and patterns that would compliment my newly redecorated living room. I wanted them to really tie the colors in the room together.

I positioned them on the wall, measuring evenly between each frame. If you don't have a laser level, it's the best thing ever. Trust me. 

I love how they look! 

The wall feels so fresh and bright now. I look at it every time I walk in the room. The colors compliment the accent pillows on the couch and other pieces in the room.

This project was fast, super affordable, and added a lot of impact to an otherwise boring wall. You might have some frames and scrapbook paper lying around too. Pretty wall art is easier than you think. 


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