Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brownie Cake

I made a brownie cake. It. Was. Awesome. What is a brownie cake, you ask? 

2 boxes of brownie mix, plus 1 container of chocolate frosting = brownie cake. 

Mix up both boxes of brownie mix and pour evenly into two round cake pans (be sure to grease pans well). Bake according to directions (mine took almost 40 minutes). Cool brownies completely. Stack brownie #1 on a cake plate and frost with about half the frosting or so. Stack brownie #2 on top of frosted brownie #1 and decorate top with the rest of the frosting. 

Brownie cake is born. Talk about chocolaty! I used my "frosting gun" with a ribbon tip to make fun designs and added some sprinkles. 

Easy to make and sure to satisfy that pesky sweet tooth! 

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