Sunday, March 17, 2013

RAF Addy Awards

Photo by Daryl Corbet
Thursday, I attended the Rochester Advertising Federation 2013 Addy Awards. Picture the Golden Globe's for advertising. A night of the city's talented creatives, under one roof, to celebrate the most outstanding advertising work of the year. A group from our Wegmans Marketing team attended - and actually got a great group photo! We missed those would couldn't be there.

The theme was inspiration. More than 300 pieces were submitted by agencies, photography studios, students and artists. It's not easy to win a coveted Addy, so receiving one is quite an honor. 

Upon entering the venue, Nicole and I had our photo taken in front of the inspiration chalkboard wall. I love that chalkboard art is all the rage right now. 

Peter, one of the announcers, and his wife Kristie.

Best of Show was awarded to the Xerox International Jazz Festival Campaign Posters by Roberts Communications. I remember admiring these when we went to the Jazz fest in June to see Diana Krall. 

Wegmans Menu Magazine was awarded a silver Addy for return on investment. Go Wegmans! 

And another silver for non-traditional advertising. There was so much amazing work represented by so many talented artists! I wouldn't have wanted to be a judge. 

Photos by Daryl Corbet
I had a great time mingling and celebrating. Half the fun is getting dressed up and having a night out with my peers - outside the office. Everyone looked so fancy! 

Photo by Daryl Corbet
Rich (center) of Studio 2B won for his photography and blog (one of my favorites). Congrats Rich! 

Daryl (left) allowed me to use some of his fantastic photos. 

And I snapped a few with my iphone of course. 

A fun and inspiring evening to remember. Congratulations to all the winners and those who submitted their work!

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