Thursday, October 11, 2012

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Road Trip

The road trips continued this summer as we traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the end of August, for Andrew's best friend's wedding. This was my first time spending a few days in New England and it was both beautiful and memorable.

We got our coffee and hit the road. Along our 6+ hour drive (which ended up being closer to 8 hours when we hit traffic), we planned to stop at another Man vs. Food destination, Mother's Cupboard, in Syracuse New York.

This teeny diner is literally a hole in the wall, on the side of the road. Somehow it looked bigger on TV. Mother's Cupboard's claim to fame is a 6 LB frittata. Yeah. We had to see it with our own eyes.

We sat at the counter, which was mere feet from the griddle, so we were able to watch the cook in action. That's a lot of eggs. And home fries. And pancakes. Andrew attempted the HALF frittata, which was still monstrous, but delicious. I don't know what I was thinking ordering a FOOT wide blueberry pancake, which was hanging off the plate. I barely made a dent. But it was a worthwhile attempt! 

After that low carb, low calorie lunch, we were back on the road, headed through Massachusetts and on to New Hampshire. We arrived the day before the wedding rehearsal so we would have time to check out the area and see downtown Portsmouth. 

What a charming city. Brick sidewalks, little shops, and lots of restaurants and cafes. We set out in search of a good place for a late dinner. Yes, we were actually hungry again after that massive lunch. Shocking, I know. We like food.

We settled on the River House, and dined overlooking the water. It was beautiful at night with lights along the shore. There were even luminaries being released into the sky at a nearby party. The food and atmosphere were excellent - I highly recommend their award winning clam chowder which was true to it's claim. 

After dinner we walked along the streets and shops, enjoying the change of scenery. We would definitely go back and recommended Portsmouth to my in-laws, who just visited there last week. Charming indeed! 

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