Saturday, June 18, 2011

Going Unplugged

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I am taking a vacation or "holiday" if you will. My husband and I are going on a trip that we've been talking about for years. Our 6th anniversary is in a couple weeks, so this will be like a second honeymoon. We're very excited! 9 days off never sounded so good!

I'm also taking a media vacation. No computer. No email. No Facebook. No blogging. I can't remember the last time I was away from it all. I'm looking forward to enjoying beautiful scenery, being outside, reading a book or two, sleeping in, going for walks, sipping some drinks and enjoying meals together. Sounds absolutely amazing! However, I wonder if I'll experience email/blog/FB withdrawal. Sad isn't it? I won't know what to do with my free time! This will be technology detox. I definitely need this.

I'm sure I'll have lots to share when I plug back in. I do have something planned for my beloved blog readers while I'm out, so be sure to check back next week! 

I'll miss you!

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