Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Have Seen the Light...Fixture

While I was on a home cleaning frenzy, I realized there was one light fixture, yet to be updated. When we moved in three years ago, the previous owners had updated many of the fixtures, and coincidentally, they were in the style I like. I can't get enough brushed nickel and frosted white swirly glass. Who's with me?

When we were remodeling the bathroom, I decided that the hall light, leading to the bathroom needed a new light fixture to match. As is the case with many home projects, one things leads to another. On my 74th trip to Lowes (or was it Home Depot? I forget) I found a two-pack of light fixtures for $19.99. Not one, but TWO for the price of one. Done. Especially since we had two outdated fixtures, one at the top and bottom of the stairs.

The old ones looked like this. In all their gold, glassy, octagon-iness. Yikes. Thank you for these 1991.

I got out my screwdriver and went to work switching the last one out. I have added professional light fixture installer to my resume by the way. I don't even bother to turn the power off. Each time I wonder if maybe this will be the time I get electrocuted. Nope, not yet.

Doesn't that look better?

I think changing a light fixture is one of the easiest, yet noticeable home improvements you can do on your own. No more octagon-y cast light. Just elegant silver and white.

What do you guys think? Updated any lighting in your home recently? What style do you like? Maybe it's time to see the light.


  1. I love the new light fixture! I honestly never noticed the "retro" one at the top of the stairs, but I love the new change.

    This weekend, we did a DIY light fixture update to the light in our powder room. It was retro gold with floral glass. So a little spray paint and new glass ($25 later), the bathroom has new light and life! Thanks for sharing your DIY inspiration!

    Love reading your blog...keep posting!

  2. love the new fixture too! i'm with you, love the swirly glass :)

    when we moved into our apartment, all our light fixtures were severely outdated. we ran to lowes with coupons in hand, and emerged with a bathroom and kitchen fixture, as well as a simple chandelier for the dining room for around $80 total! definitely a steal. replacing them gave new life to our place, and it looks like it did the same for you guys too. wow, such a simple change makes a big difference!

    i must admit, i'm a little concerned about you not turning off the electric though...i want you to stick around for a while, okay??? :)


Thank you!