Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hamlin Beach with a Side of Memories

No time for crafting, cooking or decorating lately. It's summer! Gotta soak it up while it's here. I have been busy, going to the beach, enjoying the sun and spending time with friends and family. This weekend we're headed to the Pocono's.

My Love and I spent an afternoon at Hamlin Beach State Park. Just a few minutes from home. Don't let the overcast skies fool you, it was a beautiful hot August day. Complete with sun, sand, seagulls, cool water and blue skies.

This park brought back memories of church picnics of years ago. Families came with coolers, chairs and dishes to pass. Burgers and hot dogs grilling over charcoal. Kids running around. Babies playing on blankets. I was baptized in this lake with my Sunday school friends. It's amazing to me how much bigger it seemed when I was younger. It looked the same, yet different. The stone lodges, fire pits and playgrounds were still there. A lot of great memories. I could picture the spots where old photographs with rounded corners were taken in the '80's.

We put the timer feature on our camera to work. Capturing new memories. The picnic table we set the camera on was a little far away, but it did the trick.

Here I am, in my post-sweating-in-the-sun-for-a-few-hours glow. Not my best hair day. I'm sharing this one against my better judgment. Transparency is good, right?

My mischievous husband, in typical fashion. What a rebel.

Look at these furry green rocks. Fascinating, right? It's looks so strange, and slimey, yet amazingly green and beautiful. Yes, I just called seaweed beautiful. Only this variety. Not the slippery vines that tangle your legs while swimming. That stuff freaks me out. 

There's just something about water, sun and sand. With seagulls roaming about. 
I could lie there all day.

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