Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today's the Day!

Hi! Welcome! This is my FIRST official post, and I am very excited! Since I have benefited from reading so many of you creative people's blogs (such as one of my favorites, this great one, oh and this one) I thought it was time to join the world of blogging and share some of my own experiences and creative accomplishments. I hope this will be a place to share a wide array of interesting happenings, such as favorite recipes, the latest piece I have learned to sew, or some amazing furniture transformations. I am a little overwhelmed at the possibilities, but looking forward to this new wonderful world! Hope you enjoy it too!

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  1. Welcome Sarah!
    I too am a newbie to blogging..but it is such fun for creative, inspired souls. Have always been artsy..painting, drawing, making whatever I could not find..Thrift shops, consignments, garage sale finds..LOVE 'em..
    Photography is the NEW passion these days as arthritis tends to affect the outcome of many favorite Welcome to a new world of wonderful friends, co-conspirators..
    all of which make my world a better and more fun place to be!
    Hugs and smiles..


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