Friday, February 24, 2017

Suffering Succulents

Who doesn't love succulents? Maybe you call them "hens and chickens". Either way, these adorable green drought-resistant plants with rubbery leaves, in variety of shapes and sizes, have been all the rage for quite a while. I've been trying to keep some alive, indoors and outside, for years. 

Here's my latest indoor loss. This cute succulent from West Elm only lasted in my house about a year. Rest in peace. I never know if I water them too much or not enough! This is probably the third one I've managed to kill. Enough is enough. 

I started looking for inexpensive fake succulent alternatives. They can be a little pricey, depending on the size and container. Plus, I don't want them to look super-fake.  

I discovered single succulent pick stems at Walmart for just $1.99. It was the perfect size for the mercury glass vessel from my recently deceased plant.

I found a vase of sand lying around in my basement (because who doesn't have perfectly good sand lying around? This is why I never throw things out!). I used it to fill the container. 

And I stuck the succulent pick inside. Done! My own little DIY greenery for cheap. 

It's adds a little life in an otherwise dull area. 

THEN I found these little fake succulent containers at Target for just $3! THREE DOLLARS. There were a couple styles left, but I grabbed this one because it was different than the one I made. I think they are selling out fast.

I've seen similar styles for $8-15 and up. If you're looking for some adorable plants that you won't kill, to spruce up your decor, you can make your own or run to Target, ASAP. You can use any small container that you have - milk glass, mini flower pots, glass, mason jars, bowls. You could even get a small bouquet of individual pics and make a little garden or terrarium. Happy (fake) gardening!

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