Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Window Curtains from Shower Curtains

One DIY project from our master bedroom makeover, was to make new curtains for our oversize window. I guess you could say I'm pretty picky when it comes to curtains. I usually have a hard time selecting ones that I like or I don't want to pay regular price for them. Window treatments can be quite expensive. Plus, this window is an unusual width and height, since the ceiling is lower on that side of the room. 

Here's a look at the window BEFORE. We made a wooden cornice and covered it with batting and fabric, but I was ready for a lighter more airy look. 

I wanted something with a pattern that was modern, yet not too trendy. I usually look for anything large enough that might work for curtains, such as table cloths, duvet covers, by-the-yard fabric, or in this case, shower curtains. I found this ink blue Ikat shower curtain at Target. I got two when they were on sale for $18.99 each. 

There were two modifications I needed to do. 1. Add a lining of blackout fabric and 2. Figure out how to hang them. Either with rings/clips that I already had or add new rings. 

I discovered 1 inch round plastic snap together grommets at Joann Fabrics. They come in a variety of colors, and I used bronze, which matched my curtain rod perfectly. They came in packs of 8 for $10.99. I needed two, so I used two 50% off coupons. ALWAYS use a coupon there. 

I measured and cut the blackout fabric and pinned it to the back of each curtain. I didn't have enough blackout fabric to go the full length, but the bottom 10 inches or so didn't matter because the windows aren't that tall. I sewed both fabrics together, at the top and down both sides, leaving the bottom open. 

I used the circular measuring tool that came with the pack of grommets to space out each ring on the back of the curtains. Then I simply cut a circle of fabric out for each one and snapped a ring in place around it. Easy cheesy. I will note, the plastic rings aren't super heavy, so be careful when snapping them together, so you don't chip an edge. 

They fit perfectly on the curtain rod and created the effect I was looking for. They are easy to open and close and do a good job of blocking out the light. You can turn any fabric into a curtain with rings this way. 

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to window treatments, before dropping hundreds of dollars on ready-made ones. 

For more ideas, check out the shower curtain I made from a table cloth.

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  1. We know of duvet covers but shower curtains? What a great idea! You get to have a wider selection when it comes to colour and patterns too. With this though, you have to be ready to do some DIY, which was, for your part, essential as you have large windows. All in all, good job!


Thank you!