Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcycled Jar Vases

I find myself saving jars. Pickle jars. Sauce jars. Pesto jars. Hot pepper jars. Glass jars of all shapes and sizes. Mason jars. I just like glass. I can't explain it. It's so easy to clean and re-purpose. 
Once such use, is turning them into flower vases to gift or decorate a table. I recently made a birthday bouquet for my coworker and it was adorable. What made it special was the addition of a strip of decorative contact paper around the middle. So simple! 

You can pick fresh flowers from your garden or pick up an inexpensive mixed bouquet at the grocery store.

Empty, clean and remove the label from your choice of jar. 

Measure and cut a strip of adhesive backed paper. I got a 2 pack of rolls from Marshall's.

Carefully stick contact paper around the middle of the jar. Be mindful of curves which will cause wrinkles. 

Cut the stems and arrange your flowers. Add some ribbon, raffia or a tag and you have a perfectly lovely flower arrangement for not a lot of money! 

Even a simple string with a little message will brighten someones day. 

Isn't that sweet? 

Who needs a fancy vase? Save those jars! Pickle jars work especially well because they are a little larger. Jars are perfect center pieces for bridal or baby showers, or even a rustic wedding. Think twice before throwing them into the recycling bin.  

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  1. Wow Sarah, what a fabulous idea! I'm surely going to start saving my jars. I always see that fancy contact paper and am tempted to buy it so now I will! Thanks for the great tutorial!


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