Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ohl's at the Mountains

Father's Day weekend, the Ohl's decided to meet in Potter County, PA for what I like to call a "wilderness weekend". Over 70 acres of land with a double wide trailer that have been in the family for years. It's a whole lotta land, trees, trails, hunting memorabilia, and nature. Lots of nature. Green as far as the eye could see with blue skies overhead. The weather was a mix of hot and cold. Literally, that drastic. But we had a fire going to keep us warm (and smokey). 

The most fun had to be riding 4-whelers. I'm glad my husband is such a good driver because I was holding on to him for dear life! Steep trails up hills and flying along roads in shaded woods was beautiful - and crazy. We all had our share of 4-wheeling fun! 

I was in my glory when I saw HORSES in the neighboring field. 13 of them. We made friends with two in particular. I visited them a couple times a day and managed to sneak them some carrots and apples. They let us pet their noses and admire them. Next time I'll definitely ask the owners for a ride. I just love horses. 

We were extremely proud of Marilyn, my mother in law, for roughing it at the trailer AND for making the trip with injured feet and ankles. Not to mention the fact that Laura, Sydney and Morgan drove through the night to get there! We even got to see David and Elsa and celebrate David's birthday AND Father's Day together. It was a fun and memorable weekend at Bryant Hollow. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Thank you, Laura, for sharing some of your photos, too!

Till next time...

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