Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitchen Chairs Makeover

We've been sprucing things up around here. A LOT. It feels like I've done so many little and big projects, that I don't know where to start. I'm diving in with my dining room chairs. 

I've moved this table in and out of rooms about a hundred different times, and I think it's finally found a permanent home in our eat-in kitchen. No need for a formal dining room these days.

The neutral cream tweed fabric cushions started to look a little drab to me. Bor-ing. I always pondered covering them with a fun fabric. That day finally came. 

I LOVE chevron pattern. I know, so does everyone else. There are so many great colors and ways to use it. I've secretly longed to incorporate it into my living space some how. Now that I've taken that leap, I have to hold myself back from going chevron-overboard. 

I found this pale blue chevron fabric with an oatmeal base at Hobby Lobby and decided to go for it. I was quite torn between blue or gray, but decided the blue would add a nice punch and contrast to the red walls.

All it took was cutting the fabric to size, enough for all 8 chairs, and putting my muscles to use with the staple gun. The stapling was the wost part. Those things really pack a punch! And are quite noisy. Am I right Triple C ladies?

After doing the first 2 cushions, I figured out the best way to fold/gather the corners - always working from the inside out, and pulling the fabric taut (with guidance from Miss Christy).

I love seeing them around the table. The fabric adds so much character to our dining space!

I liked it so much, that I made a valance with it out of burlap for over the kitchen sink window.

It makes me happy to look at it. I wonder if it could use a couple fabric flowers to embellish the corner maybe?

One thing's for certain, these two like the new chairs - a little too much! 

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen/dining room, re-covering your chairs is a quick and affordable project. You can mix and match patterns or change it up every couple of years. A little fabric can have a big impact on a room and give new life to existing furniture.

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