Thursday, January 24, 2013

Country Junction

When we drove to Pennsylvania for New Years, we decided it was time we heed the numerous billboards we passed, directing us to "Country Junction, World's Largest General Store", to see what it was all about. Located in Lehighton, PA, it was indeed the largest general store we'd ever seen, along with a pet store and outdoor petting zoo. 

Even though there was snow on the ground, it wasn't terribly cold. I made a bee line for the petting zoo. Unfortunately, there weren't many animals outside this time of year. We did see some roosters and chickens strolling about. 

The liveliest area and the only ones still crazy enough to still be outside were the goats. Farm animals, especially goats, crack me up. Reminds me of the last time I saw some at the New York State Fair.

Of course I had to feed them. I used all the quarters I could find to get some feed out of  the machine. They're certainly friendly when food is involved! I should have grown up on a farm. 

Sadly, this guy couldn't make it over to get any food. He (or she) was the saddest (and oldest) goat I've ever seen. The others were bullying him and he was actually shivering. At least give him a blanket or something. Poor thing.

Inside the general store, they had everything you could imagine. Clever signs. Furniture. Unique food and gift items. Home decor. Chotchkies galore. 

I liked this one. 

Andrew sat and had a little chat with President Obama. 

It was a fun little stop along our drive. If you're ever in the area, check it out. I imagine it would be even better in the summer, especially for kids.

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