Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you did too! I was thrilled to host dinner at our house this year. Our family traveled from both far and near - Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania and right down the street. I absolutely loved having (almost) everyone together to enjoy a meal under one roof. My Mom was definitely missed, but I'm glad she could celebrate with our extended family in Arizona. 

I really enjoy entertaining, cooking and being hostess. I baked a pumpkin pie and Mom's apple pie the night before. Both were absolutely delicious, to my delight (despite what may have been a minor oven fire). What holiday would be complete without a little panic excitement?

Thanksgiving morning, it was time to prepare the star of the show - Mr. Turkey. I may be smiling now but just moments prior I was removing the "giblets". That's real love.

We rearranged our living room to accommodate tables and seating for 14. Simple burlap runners, glitter gourds and glass vases with corn kernels and candles made perfectly simple centerpieces. Pinterest strikes again! 

I had lots of great help in the kitchen preparing the meal and cleaning up afterwards. Thank you everyone!

Me in action, making last minute preparations.

Let's give thanks and enjoy! 

 Dinner was delicious, and everything turned out just as I'd hoped! 

Everyone enjoyed themselves, which was the best part. 

There was even a little craft time - thanks to GiGi for bringing some creative goodies! 

We made a "thankful tree" as part of the decor and a fun way to reflect on all our blessings. Everyone cut out a leaf from scrapbook paper, wrote what they're thankful for on the back and hung it from the branches. I love that it's a keepsake from the day.

We truly are blessed to have such a gracious and loving God and on top of that, the love of a wonderful family. So much to be thankful for! Every. Single. Day. 

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