Thursday, August 9, 2012

Elastic Empire Waist Skirt

I've been wanting to make an elastic empire waist skirt ever since I saw few examples on Pinterest. 

I was inspired by this dress made by Meg at Tripping Over Joy

Meg referenced this dress tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots

I've had this $7 dress sitting in my closet for a year or longer but I didn't like the top. It was too drape-y and wrapped at weird angles. I never wore it, but I liked the fabric and the teal color. I decided to cut the top of and make it into a skirt.

I bought thick black elastic, measured the length I wanted and sewed a seam connecting both ends.

I cut off the top of the dress and laid out the skirt fabric on the table.

Next, I gathered and pinned the skirt fabric to the elastic waist band, trying to make even pleats, all the way around.Then I sewed the fabric to the waist band (going around twice). It was fairly easy to do. The one thing I should have done was use elastic thread instead of regular thread, to allow it to stretch with the elastic. Next time. 

I decided not to attach a tank or shirt to the skirt, which makes it more versatile. I can wear it with a tank top or T-shirt. I can also add a fabric flower or dress it up with jewelry. Now I have a cute summer skirt that I re-purposed from a dress!


  1. meg is my cousins wife!!

    1. Shaun, I had no idea! I saw her on Pinterest. Small world!


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