Saturday, February 11, 2012

Votive Valentine

Valentines Day is a couple days away. If you're looking for a little something to show the ladies in your life that you care about them, one of these darling votive candles with candy is sure to brighten their day! Your friends/mom/sister/niece/aunt/grandma/babysitter/teacher/co-worker will love it. Did I forget anyone? 

I thought of this craft while perusing the Dollar Tree. I spotted these adorable rose decal glass votive candle holders, which sparked the whole idea. TWO in a pack for just $1! You can use any type of votive candle holder, even add your own decal or stickers. These were too cute to pass up, and perfect for valentines day! I bought 4 sets, so 8 votive holders total.

I also found an 8 pack of red apple cinnamon scented tea light candles for $1. Perfect! 
I picked up a bag of Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Hearts at the grocery store. I knew I already had cellophane, ribbon and paper confetti at home.

Start with the empty votive holder and place one tea light candle inside. 

Next, add some paper confetti on top of the tea light. Enough to create a cushion for the chocolate candy to sit on top. 

Add 4-5 chocolate candy hearts on top.

Wrap with a square piece of cellophane and tie a bow with a ribbon and a tag. I made tags with scrapbook paper, pattern on one side, solid red on the other side to write on.

What could be cuter? After the recipient enjoys the chocolate, they have a pretty votive candle to enjoy. 

This is a very affordable craft gift. I was able to make 8 of these for about $8. It's not to late to whip up a few of your own! 

glass votive candle holder
tea light candle
paper confetti 
chocolate heart candy
cellophane wrapping (or tissue paper)
card stock or scrapbook paper tag

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