Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Sarah, Little Pillows

Back in the day...around age 9 I think, when I learned how to sew by hand, pillows were the best thing ever to make. At least they were to me. Not your everyday couch pillow or bed pillow. Mini pillows. Small little rectangles, stuffed with cotton, that fit in the palm of your hand. Not big enough to rest your head on. When I got fabric scraps from my great Aunt Virgina, it was like winning the lottery. And pieces of new felt = gold. You had to save those for really good pillows! Like this one.

Then I got fancy, and learned how to sew words onto my pillows. I was using typography way back then. Future graphic designer in the making.

Then I got really fancy, and added lace trim. And a photo. Of me. Where did I come up with this stuff? Just look at the heart theme going on. And those stickers. I was very creative. The best part is that my parents still have these hand-crafted masterpieces. I'm pretty sure there were more, but what do you do with a collection of mini pillows?

Those early years of practicing sewing mini pillows did paid off. I still love sewing pillows. Only now they are practical life-size pillows for my couch  and chairs.


  1. These pillows are so cute. You definitely have creativity in your blood! When will we see some of the pillows that you have done this year?


  2. I have pillows that need to be done! Show me your ways Jedi Master!


Thank you!