Sunday, February 21, 2010

Composition Notebook Makeover

Turning a composition notebook into a beautiful journal makes a great gift, or a nice way to keep your own notes and thoughts. I have seen a few tutorials on this idea, some using fabric to make a cover. I used scrapbook paper, mod podge, and some stickers.

Purchase the notebook size of your choice. Standard composition notebooks are usually $1 or less. This smaller pocket notebook was about .79 cents, and was too cute to pass up.


One sheet of scrapbook paper is usually 12 x 12 inches, which is not large enough to cover an entire notebook. I used portions of three pieces of scrapbook paper, in corresponding patterns/colors. I started with the inside cover and wrapped it around to the font. I did not trim the scrapbook paper to size until it was completely dry. I found that it was easier to trim the edges with an x-acto knife when the paper was already attached and in place, rather than trying to cut exact size pieces before attaching them. I applied mod podge only to the back of the paper (I did not apply a top coat, but you may do so if you wish). 

Where the paper ended on the front, I added the next piece of paper and wrapped it around to the back of the notebook. Then I added another piece to finish the remaining back inside cover.

The scrapbook paper pack I used included matching stickers and border strips, which are perfect for covering the seamed edges and embellishing. I propped the books open to dry on a tissue box. It may tend to warp a little, because of the mod podge applied to both sides. After it was dry, I piled a few books on top to help flatten it back out.


Here is how the little one turned out. Perfect size for your purse. 

The styles and color combination's are endless!

I used a green oval sticker to personalize this one by writing my nieces name on it.


I made this hardcover notebook for my Dad (not a composition notebook).  I added stickers with his initials in the bottom corner. 

This is a fun and relatively easy project. Aren't these covers so much more appealing than that old black & white speckle patten?


  1. Thanks so much for your comments! I really like how they turned out.

  2. These are beautiful! (I'm a Mod Podge addict) Your color and pattern combinations are quite stunning!

  3. i got one of these from the lovely sarah ohl,and it is fabulous!!!

  4. Those are so stinkin' cute!!! What a great idea - Love it! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I have a Canon Rebel XSi. I love that camera so much!!

  6. Cute idea! They look great, my girls would love these!


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