Sunday, February 25, 2018

Church Christmas Theme Graphics

It's hard to believe that Christmas was two months ago! One of the last projects I completed in 2017, was Christmas theme graphics for a church in our area. I was thrilled to work with Browncroft Community Church, a community that I'm familiar with, have attended events at, and know many who go there.

The theme "A New Hope" would be featured in both print and various digital formats. This was a little new for me, as I needed to keep in mind that the artwork would be used across a variety of platforms. The pieces included a poster, post card, bulletin cover, Facebook cover, Instagram image, website and auditorium big screen graphics. The main Christmas service, as well as Christmas Eve and a separate festival were showcased.

I enjoyed stretching my Photoshop skills to create the perfect image we were looking for. The team at Browncroft did a beautiful job implementing the graphics across all points of contact, and it was a pleasure working together. You can visit their website and view the message series A New Hope.

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