Thursday, October 12, 2017

Marshall's New Room

It's been a while since we've had a room makeover to reveal! I am excited to finally share Marshall's new bedroom. This project started brewing in my mind almost as soon as we found out we were pregnant with our second baby boy, and I could not wait to start working on it. Except, I had to be extremely patient because there was a looooong list of other projects that needed to happen first, before this one could. Patience is not one of my finer virtues! 

This room has seen many arrangements over the last 10 years that we've lived here, but most recently it was my beloved home office. I was quite spoiled to have an entire room with a large dedicated work station, craft supplies, a comfy reading corner and a TV. It also doubled as a guest room when needed. Here's a look at the before. You can read more about my home office and the awesome desk we built

We always knew that if we needed it, it would become our third bedroom (as it was intended). There's no one I would rather have enjoy this space than our soon-to-be big brother, Marshall. At 2.5 years old, he is so fun and sweet and high energy (with a side of crazy). I wanted to make his room fun and functional with some of his favorite things. 

We left the paint color the same, a tan/taupe with a hint of gray, which was the perfect neutral for my simple color theme of navy blue, red and gray. I started with the bedding and found a navy blue comforter with a reversible gray side. I knew I wanted to keep the red chandelier (minus the beads and baubles), as well as the beautiful hand-made red alphabet quilt that my friend Nicole made. Marshall likes firetrucks so I thought they would be perfect for bed sheets.

Finding the right bed frame was one of my favorite parts. I picked up this maple frame from our local charity garage sale for $8. $8 people! I couldn't wait to paint it. What I really mean is, I couldn't wait for my darling, patient, helpful husband to paint it. He did the most beautiful job! Here's a look at it before (with some light sanding). It wasn't in bad shape at all but it had some wear and tear. I really wanted it to make a pop of color in the mostly tan and wood room.

I just love it!

I kept the shelves that were already on the wall and styled them with a few fun things I already had. The little red lantern matches the bigger red lantern on the night stand - I love when coincidences like that happen! I purchased these adorable vehicle prints from a shop on ETSY. Marshall was so excited about them. I wanted to tie in a few touches of firetrucks to match the bed sheets. So cute. 

I switched out the curtains in our living room so Marshall could have these gray and white  ones to add visual interest and pattern.

I found the perfect spot to hang this sweet "I love you more" sign that was gifted to me by my friend Heather, from Reclaimed Palette. It goes so well with the wood accent wall in the room! 

I wanted Marshall to have a desk that he could grow into, and this is the one from my bedroom growing up. It's also the very first furniture project I did that launched my blog 8 years ago! We moved it from the kitchen and switched it with another piece. I made a cork board and a magnet board with large frames that I already had. We also had a bookcase that fit nicely in the corner. 

Of course, Marshall's tee-pee had to have a spot in his room. He still loves running in and out of that thing, which was a gift on his first birthday. Along with his basketball hoop. 

I searched for quite a while for the right dresser and found this one on Craigslist. It was probably the most expensive piece in the whole room (at $50). I like how the light wood compliments the wood accent wall. There is a mix and match of furniture in here, but I know it will be well-loved and I'm not worried about it getting "beat up". 

I'm so happy with how everyting turned out and came together. More importantly, Marshall is enjoying his new "big boy" room. It makes me so happy (and sad at the same time), to see him growing up, but I love each new stage and watching him learn and grow. I hope you love your new room, Marshall, because it was made with love just for you! 

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