Saturday, August 9, 2014

Big Wonderful Announcement!

Andrew and I are absolutely overjoyed to share the news that we are having a BABY!!!

Our little one is due around February 2, 2015 and we cannot wait to meet him or her! We hope to find out the gender next month. Everything still seems so surreal and wonderful and amazing all at the same time. 

We are in awe of our Great God, the Creator and Giver of life. It's so incredible to see our tiny baby during ultrasounds. I just stare at the pictures. And it's the most glorious sound in the world to hear his/her tiny heart beating. It is the sweetest sound! We are so thankful for this growing miracle and for what God is doing. 

We are also so blessed by the outpouring of love, support and excitement from our friends and family. Thank you for your prayers, kind words and for sharing in our joy! 

There will certainly be more to come. I just wanted to share our big wonderful announcement! 




  1. I just found your blog because I was looking for diy gifts for this Christmas on pinterest. Just wanted to say congrats! We are expecting ours February 6th! So exciting to find others in the same due date month/year! :)

    1. Thank you, Ashely! And congratulations you you too! February will be an exciting month :) Best wishes!


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