Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hobo Bag

After learning how to sew tote bags, I wanted to make a bag with a little more personality and detail. I came across this tutorial for a pleated hobo bag at Ruffles And Stuff and I followed her basic guide to made the bags shown above. I even got a little fancy and added a pocket inside. I like to use a semi-heaver fabric for the outer shell and a corresponding lighter weight fabric for the lining. I really like the thick straps and size of these bags. The ruffled detachable fabric flower is my favorite signature addition. They do take more time to sew than a tote bag and the steps are a bit more involved, but the end result is worth it. I get many compliments when I'm carrying it around. I sold the one on the left and I currently have a custom order. They make nice gifts and are a great purse! If anyone is interested in ordering one, send me an email. You can never have too many purses!


  1. Oh wow, those are stinkin' gorgeous!! I'm so glad that you were able to put that tutorial to use! And a pocket, that is fancy! :o) I always think about adding pockets to bags but I'm too lazy :o)
    Great job!!

  2. I love love LOVE this bag! You are so creative. I keep asking myself, "Self, what is Sarah going to come up with next?!"

    Can't wait to see my custom satchel :)

    Crafty Christy


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