Sunday, October 18, 2009

Showing Some Football Love

Although I am not a football fan (by far), the people I love are. To show how much I care about them and their love for their teams, I headed to the NFL fabric section. For my husband, I sewed a pillow for him to rest on while he watches his beloved Eagles (when they actually broadcast a game in Rochester on a non-ESPN channel). For my dear friend Jamie, who is the second most loyal female Steelers fan (her Mom is the #1 fan), I sewed a tote bag with matching zipper pouch in TWO different Steelers fabrics. Fancy, huh? Yes, technically the zipper pouch fabric is upside down, but I assure you, the interior lining is right side up (something I realized AFTER it was too late to fix. Next time.) If a girl who doesn't watch football, that was raised a Bills fan [you may insert Bills joke here], sewing Eagles AND Steelers memorabilia doesn't equal love and true friendship, then I don't know what does! :-)

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